Google Chrome is one of the widely used web browser in the world. Therefore, it is the best choice for having a productive , multipurpose and extension-rich web browser. Here are some of the best Google Chrome extensions that are very useful for every computer user.


Google Dictionary is a must for users who find difficulty in understanding some words while browsing. Users can double click the word to check the meaning in a pop-up. Google dictionary supports various languages and users can immediately hear the word as pronounced.

For users who want to type a different language other than the usual English language, Google Input Tools is a must-have. Computer users can type numerous languages without having to download and install any software.

With Google Calendar Extension, you can create and add events as you browse the web. There is an added option to view events that has been added to the calendar.


Save to Pocket allows you to save articles and read while being offline. It can easily be combined to chrome context menu as well as to be able to add several tags and create a keyboard shortcut. You can save printable promo codes from a site and be able to print it later.

The Ever note Web Clipper allows you to add articles and images with just a single click. It is famous for being an inventory to saved notes, images and web pages.


Google Chrome to Phone Extension needs a phone application to be installed into an android smartphone. It is necessary to be able to send links, texts, phone numbers, and messages to an android smartphone.

The Great Suspender is capable of suspending tabs that are not currently in use. It saves system from crashing which then decrease the usage of RAM. This will result to faster computer performance.


The Google Quick Scroll is an extension that helps a user find what part of the web page is the most relevant. This is very useful for faster and reliable research results.

Turn Off the Lights extension is for users who love to watch movies online. It brings atmosphere lighting for a better viewing experience.