Antivirus software is used to protect computers from viruses, malware, trojan horse virus and computer worms. Antivirus software also safeguards computers from malicious programs by quickly preventing and removing adware and spyware.

There are many types of computer viruses nowadays. Most make computer run slowly and prevent computers from booting up. Computer viruses are used to steal personal details and can send out unauthorized messages.They can be used to steal bank information, passwords and money. It can be dangerous and infectious to other computers because they can spread out and can be transported via email.

The antivirus software serves as the “policeman” of the computer system. It protects computers from possible threats and destroys and gives warning to possible threats to the system.


Avast Free Antivirus has an excellent virus detection capability with an automatic gaming mode to reduce system load and mute popups when you are into hard core gaming. It is a complete tool protecting the computer against threats from the internet. There is also a password manager which is very useful to any Windows computer. It is a fully functional antivirus, anti spyware, that includes real-time protection of files, instant messages, emails, messages and P2P transfers. It has a malware scanner that is regularly updating to stay current against new viruses.


It has a clean interface with fast virus-busting capabilities. It has a very light performance impact and does not zap the PC’s resources. The malware detection capability of Bitdefender is one of the best . It is fast, clean and has a well-constructed scanning mechanisms.


It has attained a high score on AV-TEST testing program with 99.7% of tested threats. It has an excellent virus detection without putting too much burden on the PC’s hardware. It protects the system from a wide range of malware threats by keeping an eye on things all the time. It also contains advanced heuristic tools and has an automatic updates on virus definitions. For superior protection, one can avail the paid version using discount codes online.


The AVG Antivirus free is a free program for WIndows that offers basic protection against threats. It is equipped to detect spyware and malware and scans emails for possible viruses. It has a LinkScanner protection tool that inspect searched sites for possible viruses. It downloads updates automatically for up-to-date scanning and protection.


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